Any Woody submissions? please?

still not that much Woody art :/ whats he going to think?

hey here´s the picture I wanr ro submit :) btw. I love your idea


If you have not submitted you have until midnight tonight (UK time) to submit to me or at least contact me explaining your submission eg I have  2 drawings and a message but I haven’t uploaded them yet etc etc so I know how much space to leave. Also, if you want to be on the list of followers then keep following until the 6th! don’t just unfollow now you think you’re in… you’re not.

Hurry yo ass up!! 

Anonymous: What is the exact deadline? Midnight?

If you haven’t finished your entry just message me off anon and I can give you some extra time. 

The deadline is so I can start printing stuff and arrange the book and have an idea of how much stuff I need to add. If I know you’re going to submit I can leave a space for you.

Anonymous: How do we submit work again? :)